Korea in My Eyes!

Hello, and welcome to my first blog post!!! Going to Korea has always been my dream, and now that I’m here, it still doesn’t feel real! When I got the email telling me I got in, I was shocked and immediately told all my friends and family about the good news. I have been here for almost two weeks now, and since we had no plans for the first week, we all took the time to explore famous places in Korea. It was amazing to see a country I’ve always wanted to go to finally through my eyes and walk around places I’ve always seen on social media. I was a bit shocked at how cold it was when we first arrived at our dorms (which are very cosy and lovely), but I think I have almost entirely adjusted and am kind of regretting the number of warm clothes I brought here!

The day after we arrived, some of us decided to go to the cafeteria nearby our dormitory (which always has delicious food, and I am so glad that it is so close). Then we headed to see the main campus of Korea University, and the buildings are so beautiful! Everything looks like castles! After walking around for a few hours, we decided to have dinner together at a place also near our dormitory, which was a great start to our trip! On our second day, we all went to Myeongdong and split up to do some window shopping along with a delicious lunch and a cute photobooth stop. On the third day, I went to Itaewon and Gangnam, then Dongdaemun on the fourth, Hongdae on the fifth, and lastly, I just took a rest on the last day of the week to recharge!

I still find it unbelievable that I got this opportunity, and I don’t think I would have imagined going on a plane or to a different country without my parents by my side so early in my life. Of course, this being my first time leaving my parents for such a long time, I cried when leaving them at the airport, and I’m sure I’ll feel homesick once in a while, but it’s relieving to know that they are fine and also that I can contact them easily. I also miss my friends because I love hanging out with them, and we do it so often, but I know I can always contact them through social media.

Anyway! Enough of the sad talk! I have put some pictures that I took on my first days here that I really love, and I linked my favourite song right now and will leave this post here and see you in my next post talking about what I thought about starting university!

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