Week 1 and 2: Settling In

The first two weeks in Korea have felt like a blur. Since we arrived, every day has been filled with exploring new places and never going to the same cafe twice. We had one free week before classes started where we had no plans, so we made the most of the fast and efficient public transport system to visit as many different suburbs as possible! Every day is a new adventure, and as I sit here writing this, I am almost at a loss for what to say and where to even start. During the first week, I had to constantly remind myself that I didn’t have to jam everything into one week; we have three months here and many opportunities to get out and about. 

I have realised how grateful I am to have come on this trip with a group. It has been great to have consistency in a new and fast-paced environment. Now that we are one week into classes, I am also very happy to be establishing some routines. Luckily, classes are only a 5min walk from the dorms, so even though they start at 9 am, it is pretty easy to get there on time. 

One thing that none of us was fully prepared for was the weather. It has been consistently -10 during the day for the last few days!! I have had to splurge on better jackets, but I can’t complain about an excuse to shop in some of Korea’s many famous shopping districts!! 

I am excited to finally get out of Seoul later this week as a couple of us head to Busan to see one of my favourite musicals, Kinky Boots! But I’ll talk more about that later. For now, I am hopeful that this week will bring more opportunities to put myself out there and make new friends. 

– Zanoor 

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