Another World, Another Beginning, Another Understanding.


A single word, to greet someone, to acknowledge the presence of another human being. The same, but not quite the same. Complex and experienced in our own unique way, so diverse, somewhat extra-terrestrial, but finding common ground through things that are relative to our existence together in this world.  

It has been an interesting, extraordinary, and uncomfortable experience, but the discomfort is both expected and correct in its production, letting me know that in order to grow, and to both learn and understand people, you have to be put in this type of environment. I relate to how my aunty would tell us about a way of learning Te Reo, being fully immersed in the language, not speaking English, not referencing English, not being English. I have immersed myself with the local people in our accommodation, and it has been extremely hard to communicate. But the people I have met have embraced me like a family. Feeding me, speaking with me in Spanish, offering invitations and navigations. They teach me, I hear, I see, I connect things. I grow each day. Beyond being unable to communicate sufficiently, in its truest form, it’s sufficient. Family. Help. Embrace. There is very much a common language that is unspoken that must be acknowledged.

Pack. Practice. Pollution. Perseverance. Pesos. Perimeter. Politica. People. There is so much to unpack. Right now, I’ll keep most of it packed, and unpack with you as the weeks lapse. My experience has been difficult but wonderful. That is what I’ll leave you with for now.


Audio version below.

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