Welcome to Bangkok! ยินดีต้อนรับ!

Celebrating New Years’ eve, visiting crazy local markets, eating delicious food, and exploring the city by MRT, are just some of the many things that made my first visit to Bangkok as memorable as ever.

It’s hard to talk about the past week in Bangkok without mentioning the hustle and bustle of the city itself. The start of our two-month journey was anything but slow and relaxing. Every popular location in Bangkok was full of life, with large crowds and busy venues introducing us to the city’s chaos, capacity, and nightlife. We entered the new year by walking among the crowds, listening to a local Thai band concert at a train station, and watching the fireworks from Siam.

The crowd at Siam lining up to watch the fireworks seconds before New Year

After the chaotic start of our trip, we decided to check out some of the more rural places near Bangkok. Our first stop was the Maeklong Railway Market. As the name suggests, it is a market built on a railway track with a train passing through several times a day. It was definitely a unique sight to see! The train passes through the market slowly, avoiding all the people and stalls full of food, souvenirs, spices, and more.

Train passing through the Maeklong Railway Market

Making our way to the next stop, Damnoen Floating Market, where we rented a boat to take us through and give us the full experience of shopping on the water. Here, not only did we get to see the more authentic parts of Thailand and practice our Thai phrases while bargaining, but we also tried some of the amazing local foods such as mango sticky rice.

Damnoen Floating Market

After exploring the city, it was time to start our internships. We realised the vacation was over, and it was time to work! The first week of our internship consisted of getting accustomed to the new workplace, meeting many friendly coworkers, and interacting with the local community. In my workplace, I soon realised just how dedicated people were to their work. The love and dedication everyone had towards their work and the company’s image was an inspiring sight to see.

After the long first week of exploring and working in Bangkok, it was clear just how rich in culture and beautiful the city is. I look forward to discovering what the next seven weeks will have in store for us and get to further experience the culture by exploring the city! 

พบกันเร็ว ๆ นี้! 

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