Gosh! Hasn’t time flown?

Beautiful Street Art in Tainan

It’s been a while since I’ve written, and that is because while I have had many incredible experiences, I have also had a lot of homework! Something which made a Taiwanese friend of mine chuckle and tell me I finally understood what it was like to be a student here. I’ve also had the wonderful opportunity to both solo travel and have the support of my classmates and others in the New Zealand group.

Luxurious Western style cafe that my wonderful language partner took me to enjoy.

Firstly, a key learning moment for me was discovering that becoming acclimated to the environment isn’t the same for everyone. For example, the mosquitoes here have absolutely destroyed me! While I am still dealing with it, and it is is improving, I have learnt a lot. While it has not made being busy any easier, I have now experienced going to the doctor in a different country, as well as recognising the wonderful support we have available to us.  

The support has also come from my classmates. I am so grateful to have gotten to know such lovely worldly people on this adventure. The class bond that we share is amazing; after classes practically everyone will go out for lunch, and we often chat about our lives back in our respective home countries. All of us are from different places and it’s always a good laugh—especially chatting about our accents and cultural differences!

Studying on our holiday break day for New Year’s!

Today is the day before our final exam; I can’t believe it has come so quickly. I spent the afternoon with my classmate, and we explored the beautiful East District of Tainan and chatted about the upcoming challenge. Classes have been so beneficial for me; the real-life experience is a game-changer. I can’t say when I return, I will miss having a presentation every single week, but it certainly whipped my speaking and structure into shape quickly! Another funny part about living here is constantly being fussed over by concerned grandmas at how little clothing us Kiwis wear in the blistering heat—which to them is just a normal winter. I’ve had many a conversation from a curious folk and it’s generally been fun and full of mutual curiosity.

Studio Ghibli-themed cafe near the university! A must-go.
Tainan people have so much respect for their environment, and this includes effort into their potted plants and roadside features!

Anyway! I’m off now. I’m going to take my first free afternoon in a while and do some exploring. Catch you later!

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