What my Family has Asked me Since I Arrived 

How long did it take you to get to India?

We took:

1 shuttle taxi from Hamilton to Auckland airport, 1.5 hours

3 flights 

  • Auckland to Melbourne, 4 hours
  • Melbourne to Delhi, 12 hours 40min
  • Delhi to Chennai, 3 hours

1 bus ride from Chennai to Puducherry, 5 hours

… which finally took us to Puducherry, India! It was over 45 hours of travelling since leaving Hamilton. A longer trip than expected, with a delayed flight, a missed layover, and having to spend the night in Delhi airport! 

What is Puducherry like? 

Puducherry was a French Colony settlement until 1954, and we can feel a distinct French ambience. The bustling streets are full of tuk tuks, mopeds, cars, bikes, people, restaurants, street foods, markets, temples and shopping. There has yet to be a dull moment walking the streets of Puducherry. 

Isha Yoga, Coimbatore, Shiva Statue (45m long, 34m tall)

Who are you travelling with? 

Our amazing Indogenius team consists of:

Susie – Our Welfare officer and yoga teacher. Susie was initiated through the International Sivananda Yoga School in Kerala, India. Susie has been teaching us the basic breathing and relaxation techniques of yoga and guiding us through wellbeing practices.  

Gilles – Our Bollywood dance instructor and choreographer. Gilles has set up dance academies, has his own dance company, and has travelled all over India and the world working in theatre, collaborating with dancers, and working with fashion designers. We have been learning a Bollywood dance to the popular song “Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari”

Meetu – Co founder and COO of Indogenius. Meetu has plenty of experience producing events in India, and organising study aboard programmes. Meetu has coordinated our six weeks here in India and is facilitating the programme with her husband Nick. 

Nick – Co founder and CEO of Indogenius. Nick advises international universities, companies and government agencies in India. He works with companies all over the world and delivers the largest study aboard programmes in India (400 students per year). 

Amaya – Nick and Meetu’s daughter, who loves to share her experience of growing up in India! 

There are a total of 21 students on this programme. We are from The University of Auckland, the University of Victoria, and the University of Waikato. Everyone is at a different stage of study; some are currently completing undergraduate degrees, and others are pursing postgraduate studies. We study a range of different majors, ranging from Psychology to Philosophy, Policy and Law. 

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