A Taste of India

Saying India has been an assault the all senses sounds negative but in reality it’s been my favourite part of the first week of my six week Re-Imagining India tour with IndoGenius.

Taste: The Indian food was something I was most excited for coming to India. Growing up having butter chicken curry every time we got takeaway in Nelson, one of the whitest towns in New Zealand, could not have prepared me for what India truly has to offer. The first place we had a meal was in Puducherry in South India. We went out for dinner and our table decided to order a bit of everything the chef’s recommended. The first rule of eating in India is to eat with your hands; importantly only your right hand should be putting food in your mouth. My favourite was the dosa, it looked a meter wide, a crispy roll with delicious dips. The texture was thin and crunchy and felt a bit oily. I ripped some off and put it in the first dip, it tasted similar to tzatziki, definitely a mixture of yogurt and something green. The next dip was chunky like salsa but had amazing flavours of chilli; for sure it nearly set my mouth on fire! 

Touch: The Isha Yoga foundation in Coimbatore is a beautiful calm ashram community built by Sahdguru who is known to the world for his online presence and masterful way of teaching others how to live in peace. In the Isha yoga foundation walking barefoot was done pretty much everywhere although between places it was less common. The different surfaces as well as walking barefoot on grass made me feel very grounded and get into the sense of spirituality that the foundation cultivated. Coming soon: Smell, sight and sound!

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