iWinterMX – Week DOS


The Tec sign at the Querétaro campus

We arrived in Querétaro at 8pm on Sunday January 15th after bussing from Teotihuacán. In Querétaro, we are staying in student residencies instead of a hotel. The new campus is bigger than the one in Santa Fe, it has a pool, basketball courts and a beach volleyball court.

The Borrego statue (Tec’s mascot)

On Monday night some of us visited the Cervecería Hércules restaurant for dinner. The restaurant had an obvious German influence on the menu. This was an awesome surprise as the two Germans Jen and Sina were with us. We later found out that this was because the three owners were German. We all really enjoyed the food there and decided to bring the whole group back the following Friday.

Cervecería Hércules on Monday night
The streets of downtown Querétaro

On Tuesday we went to downtown Querétaro. Went to a great restaurant for lunch where I had Enchiladas “Querétaro style”. I also had a drink accompanied by a mescal shot ritual where the server wore a mask for the delivery. Next, we explored some shops and I bought a new cap. We also stayed around downtown into the evening where we visited a bar and another restaurant.

The lunch restaurant in downtown Querétaro
Walking the streets of downtown Querétaro

On Thursday we visited the Querétaro La Corona factory. Unfortunately, La Corona is not “Corona Extra” but instead a manufacturer of detergents, soaps, cooking oils, etc. At La Corona, we were given a detailed explanation of the business and its history and then a tour of the factory. It is interesting how La Corona’s marketing strategy relies on mouth-to-mouth marketing meaning that the use of their products is spread among family and friends. This does make sense however as I have learnt Mexico has a very family-based culture. At the end of the tour, we were also given a goodie bag of soaps, oils and detergents.

Later on Thursday, we visited Rancho Santa Marina. At this organic ranch we first had lunch, which was very good. Then we had a tour and cheese tasting. The ranch is called a “circular economy”. This means that all produce from the ranch and its animals are used. The food and wine at the ranch are also made completely from produce found at the ranch.

The Rancho Santa Marina Cheese tasting

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