querétaro & queso

Our journey from Mexico City to Querétaro was a rather arduous one. Although we were only on the bus for a couple of hours, everyone wanted to sleep after the full day that we had but I still had study to do and the blog to write. However, when we got to Queretaro the entire perspective of the journey changed. From the city smog to a breathtaking campus, the energy was palpable, and everyone was excited to figure out absolutely everything that we could accomplish in the short week stint that we were there for.

The first thing that amazed me were the ability to ride bikes. This seems like a rather unnecessary idea to be struck by, but the trust and support shown by the university to provide students with an easy way around campus that you never had to pay for was mind-boggling. Not only that, but the safety and security of the university – two entrances with 24/7 guards, as well as tall walls without compromising view resulted in a strong campus that could provide for students without worrying about things being stolen or anything bad happening. It really proved that the university cared about student well-being.

The second thing was the sheer number of activities available for students. From beach volleyball to a pool, to a full American football field and track, a climbing wall, and more, the university promoted healthy living and sports development (potentially for scholarships, but mostly for recreational use). This was an interesting difference to New Zealand, where most courts, gyms and pools you have to pay by entry.

Our salsa class was amazing! I have never felt so much like a baby deer in my life, but I gave it my absolute all and it was such an amazing experience. I drew a couple of giggles due to my inability to keep up with all the moves but taking the mick out of myself was half the fun anyway.

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