Winter in Korea

If you are reading this and you are from New Zealand – you do not know the meaning of cold until you have experienced a Korean winter. Monday just been, Korea was the 2nd coldest country on the globe that day. It’s not the type of cold you can brave and have the “she’ll be right” attitude. Do you know how I know this? I tried to bring that attitude here and it wasn’t good! It is the type of cold where your mouth goes numb like you have just had a filling, where your hands get so cold you can barely take photos, and where you eyelashes freeze! Thankfully the train stations are equipped with stores that sold ear muffs and scarfs for those who think they can brave the weather : Korean Winter 1 – Me – 0.

Me after coming to the realisation that “just a coat is enough” was in-fact not enough

However, the pain from the cold is worth it. I have been to Korea in other seasons and Winter, in my opinion, is one of the most magical seasons. There is something about the extreme temperatures that is actually enjoyable and extremely beautiful. Even though it’s freezing, Korea is built for the cold, the place I am staying does not need the heater on – even at -15 degrees. Every indoor space in Korea including public transportation is nice and warm, so even if its a freezing day its ok to face the weather and go and explore!

Furthermore, The scenery is just beautiful and the weather is often sunny with bright blue skies and quite a dry cold; the weather is very consistent (unlike a city I wont mention 😉😝). And it snows!! 😍 – who doesn’t love snow! I was fortunate enough to be able to bring my 5-year-old son and he had the pleasure of experience his first snowfall here and we have had about 2 more snowfalls since.

My son doing a snow angel in his first snowfall – a tick on the bucket list for him

Korea is also so innovative during the winter months, usually outdoor pools would just close down for the cold seasons, but Korea goes an extra mile and turns their swimming centres in to winter wonderlands! The pools are drained and there are rides, sleds, food and more! the entry fee is on 6000won (which it rough $7.20NZD). Which is another great thing about Seoul, Korea – even if you only have a little amount of money there is always affordable things to do (thats for another post). To sum it up Winter in Korea has been so magical, beautiful , fun and peaceful! I highly recommend a trip to Seoul in the Winter!

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