el fin

The multitude of experiences, enjoyment, and excitement this trip provided for me was totally worth the 15-hour flight back home (it wasn’t pleasant). Leon and Monterrey were both crazy in entirely different ways – Leon was more of an exciting, adrenaline-inducing experience with fairs and swimming, while Monterrey was more formal with goodbyes, celebrations, and the final tests and assignments.

Goodbyes are definitely never easy, and that was the same for the international students we had met overseas. We had formed such a close bond after living together for thirty days, and this meant that there were a couple of tears once the time for goodbyes came. The cocktail event at the end of the trip allowed us to dance, laugh, and get heaps of photos while reminiscing over how cool the trip was for all of us.

To anybody thinking of applying for Prime Ministers Scholarships or just about (if you’ve got the funds) travelling, do it. What’s stopping you? The experience was next level and has definitely shaped my life, my friends, and my future career.

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