Week 3 – Leon

23/02/2023 – 29/02/2023

Leon is famous for leather goods and footwear. We visited a giant multinational leather company – Cuadra, and its leather goods production. Each pair of shoes was well crafted by multiple workers under an assembly line. I was fascinated by the dazzling and fast pace production process. Cuadra was definitely my favourite company I visited in this programme. After this visit, I became more appreciative of the value of each handcrafted product and the effort behind the scene.

We were fortunate to experience the Leon state fair right opposite our hotel. The fair was like a huge amusement park, with various mechanical games, street food vendors, merchants and performances, etc. Besides the rides and screams, the highlight was watching the sunset on the Ferris wheel and capturing the golden view of Leon with mis amigos.

Leon fair

On Saturday, we went to Guanajuato, a charming colonial town just one hour’s drive from Leon. The funicular took us to the top of the mountain (Monumento Al Pipila) with a remarkable panoramic view of tightly packed colourful houses, rolling hills and Guanajuato city. The scene in ‘Coco’ (my favourite Disney movie) has come alive. This seemed so exotic and surreal. I’m so obsessed with the colourful houses and unique alleys. A fun fact about Guanajuato is that it is famous for mummies due to the hot & dry climate, which led to natural mummification. Even though the mummies museum (El Museo De Las Momias) took us 30 mins walk and 20 mins queue, and no Inglés descriptions (yo no entiendo Español), I would still recommend visiting it. Another unique thing about Guanajuato is its underground tunnels, which offer a convenient track for vehicles and pedestrians but can also be dark mazes for tourists.


Scenic view on Monumento Al Pipila

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