Week 4 – Monterrey

30/01/2023 – 07/02/2023

Tecnológico de Monterrey has its main/ largest campus located at Monterrey. The unique part of this campus is the biodiversity, where peacocks, deer, ducks, cats, etc., wander around the campus and live in harmony.

Monterrey campus

We were ‘fortunate’ to experience the four seasons/ extreme climate during our one-week stay at Monterrey. It was pretty hot (~30°C) when we first arrived, but the next day, it suddenly dropped to ~5°C. We spent three days shivering in this cold rainy weather. The last week of the programme was super busy, with a few tests, a business plan submission and a presentation.

Monterrey downtown

We spent our last day sightseeing Monterrey’s industrial heritages and nature at Fundidora Park. The giant park consists of the Santa Lucía river, museums, food vendors, souvenir stands, etc. Biking and picnic are highly recommended !!!

Fundidora Park

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