Team Pickles

I am sitting at Houston Airport, and it’s hitting me now that the trip is mostly over. And this will be my third and final blog of the journey. Lagged much, but still ticking, I get to return home to whaanau and some Hockey before getting back into the swing of all things, work, whaanau, University, and life! It’s been a pleasure to be surrounded by some of our bright rangatahi! Each has brought unique perspectives and skills, making for a precious time.

A special shout-out must be made to our team, ‘Pickles.’ This team included me, Ariana Andrews, and Lucy Knott. As part of our presentation to the Education New Zealand team and the Memorial of indigenous peoples representatives, we presented an idea that included the concept of an Indigenous Education Platform. The three of us presented the different aspects of such a platform, which brought together ideas and options that were found throughout our time here in Sao Paulo, Ubatuba, and Brasilia.

Below are some inspirational photos that were composed when the team came together in the first few days. Of course, I was armed with my Insta360 camera to capture some of the moments. The ice cream and sorbet pictured below were a major highlight of one evening where we were looking for that natural flavour that Brazil brings

A brief idea of the number of themes that were on offer within our presentation can be seen below, where we touched on themes of Cultural Mapping. Yes, the United Nations loves to encourage the themes for all indigenous peoples globally. Many of our rangatahi will be looking to engage in the themes in many different ways in time.

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