Weeks Tres and Cuatro

On the 24th of Jan we Travelled to our next hotel in Leon. One great thing about this location was that there was a fair less than one kilometre down the road that was on all week. The fair had games, rides, food, bars and even a nightclub.

A few days later we had our next business trip, which was to Cuadra. Cuadra was the most interesting company visit we had in Mexico! Cuadra makes “exotic” leather goods. Such as python boots or stingray wallets. However, I put “exotic” in quotes as I’m not sure I consider python leather as exotic if the snakes have been farmed, as was the case. At Cuadra, we got a tour of the warehouse where the leathers are kept and of the factory where the products are made.

Crocodilia memorabilia at Cuadra

On our last full day in Leon, we went to Guanajuato city. G city was one of my favourite places we visited on the whole trip. It had so much cool architecture and very colourful buildings. We went up a mountain on a rail car which gave us an epic view of the city. We then went through many markets and to a rooftop bar in Guanajuato.

Epic Cathedral in Guanajuato

On January 29th we travelled the 9-hour bus journey from Leon to Monterrey!

The whole cohort at the Monterrey campus (Look at the mountain view!)

We had been warned that the weather in Monterrey was very radical and could change quickly, similarly to Auckland. The day we arrived it was 26-28 degrees! However, the very next day it dropped all the way down to 5 degrees… I didn’t like this at all. It also rained a little in Monterrey, this was my first time seeing rain in Mexico.

Passports out before a business trip
I wanted to steal this kitten from campus Monterrey
Cool silhouette photo at the light dome on campus
Us Kiwis getting on our last bus trip together. To Monterrey Airport

Overall my PMLSA experience was incredible. The learning and travelling was very well organized and interesting. Also the social side of the experience was great. We had an awesome group of people from around the world (although almost half of us were kiwis haha). I highly recommend the iWinter or iSummer MX courses. I also recommend applying for any 360International scholarships as “becoming a more global citizen” is something I have found relevant and positive for myself.

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