This stop is Seoul, South Korea

Time has been flying past recently. I hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for the semester to start!
This year, I have been privileged to go over an exchange at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea. (Thank you so much to the 360 international Team :-D). There are so many unique reasons why you should visit Korea University as one of your top-listed Universities!

  1. The KUBA, also known as the Korea University Buddy Associate system, enables exchange students to give an early start-up to settle down into a new environment and make great friends!
  2. Korea University is famous for its beautiful design and high academical achievement. I was fascinated by the beautiful campus scenery and the many libraries there! One thing to note down is the campus is very, very large.
    (Make sure to open your Google or Kakao maps, or else you will be lost inside the campus :-O)
  3. Classes at Korea University are very flexible and easy to learn. Most Korea University classes offer a wide range of English-taught lessons across the faculties, where you can take any courses you want! For instance, if you’re going to learn something new in your spare schedule, you can add any courses you like as long as you’re keeping under the maximum credits you can take 🙂

It’s been a month since I first arrived in Korea. Every experience was something new.
Recently, I visited a place name ‘Shinchon,’ where many young Korean students gather to hang out with friends. I was out with my new friend, met during the orientation day at Korea University.
We drank coffee, went to play board cafe games, sang Karaoke together, and headed out to Bugak Sky way Palgakejeong at night to view the whole scenery of Seoul.
The night sky was calm and chill, and street lights were brightly shining the Seoul city. With some music in our ears, another day from Korea went past.

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