Guess who’s back 나는 돌아 왔어!

Hiya! Welcome to my second semester at Korea University! Now that I am familiar with the school, the country, and the culture, I’m hoping that I can fill my time doing more exciting things and bring you along through my journey as well.

Staying for a second semester was a rather late decision for me. It took a long time and many discussions evaluating the pros and cons for me to finally lock in the decision for me to stay. I had many concerns and hesitations dissuading me from extending, one of which was degree planning and scheduling, especially since this year is my final year. However, after much consideration, I chose to stay. 

There were a few main factors that ended up being what pushed me to this decision: I enjoy it here, I have the financial capability to stay for another semester, and realistically, when am I ever going to have the opportunity to be a university student in another country ever again? Being an undergrad in a foreign place just hits different. 

Between the two semesters I went home (expecting summer…) before returning to Korea ahead of the Spring Semester. Sidenote: I hope everyone is doing well in the aftermath of the severe weather and soaking up the remaining sun before it gets colder. This time, I came back to Korea the week uni started. I was fortunate enough last semester to meet others who were on a year-long programme. It meant that I could immediately start doing things I never got around to last semester.

The semester has officially started now and I can say that even though I’m 100% busier than last semester due to the number and choice of courses I’m taking, being a returnee has made things easier. It also helps that classes in the first week were mostly introductions and basics. Maybe it’s because I’m more comfortable in my environment than I was at the start of last semester, maybe it’s my timetable (9am class Mon-Thurs cri) and the fact that I have to go to class because there are no recordings. Maybe I’m just more disciplined in independence…HAhAha… regardless of the reason, I’m finding more of a regular this semester, possibly even more regular than at UoA. 

Of course in Korea cafes are a big part of the culture. Whether it be to study, to relax and chat or to sit after a meal (sitting in the restaurant to talk is not a thing here you just gotta eat and go), cafe culture here continues to boom. We have and will continue to support the cafe culture. 

That’s all from me for now, please look forward to future updates and adventures!

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