Abby Ferguson


University of Exeter, England


Hey readers!

I’m Abby, and in the forthcoming semester I will be packing up, and relocating my NZ life to Cornwall, UK.

Welcome to the documentation of my international exchange.

Despite being a Northerner at heart and an avid lover of Greggs (a Northern UK delicacy), I will be doing my exchange in the deep south of England. Quaint in size, and secluded in location is the town home to my exchange, Penryn. I am beyond excited to explore the history and beauty southernmost England has to offer as an Earth Science & Environmental Science student. In addition to my exploration around campus will be my avid expeditions around the UK and Europe. 

Why the University of Exeter?

As an ardent lover of nature, the UOE Penryn campus is a seaside university surrounded by geological wonder. Home to the Camborne School of Mines, UOE offers personal and field based education for those in Science degrees. The small community will be a drastic change to the large UOA student body and one I cannot wait to be immersed in.

Ready to try everything, follow along for my journey!