Alexa Harwood


Queen’s University, Canada


My name is Alexa and I am a 3rd year student studying a Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Science.

I am so excited to be heading to Queen’s University in Canada for a semester abroad. I have been lucky enough to live all over the world, specifically in England, Germany, and Turkey before moving to New Zealand in 2011, so am very excited to head overseas to Canada.

My hopes for the exchange are to meet many new people from all over the world and to completely immerse myself in the Canadian way of life. I am very excited for the opportunity to further my studies in a new environment, getting to learn from different mentors/teachers. Of course, I cannot wait to travel and experience new things, whether that is going on weekend trips, joining different clubs, or participating in cultural/sporting activities at the university.

Having looked forward to my exchange for over a year, I am looking forward to sharing it with UoA students to help give insight into the exchange experience and everything that comes with it!

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