University of Melbourne, Australia


Hey everyone!

I’m Esther, and I’m so excited to become your friend from the inside at The University of Melbourne!

I’m a second year BCOM student majoring in Accounting and Taxation. I know, super nerdy and boring but don’t worry, I promise that the journey that you’ll hear about will be much more exciting.

Born and raised in our beautiful Aotearoa while having the majority of my family members in China, I was fascinated with travelling at a young age. Although I was hoping to go to another country this semester, I am nevertheless grateful that I have the opportunity to travel abroad to our neighbours over the ditch! I have been intrigued by The University of Melbourne’s Juris Doctor law degree and I’m hoping to enter into their 2024 cohort after I graduate from Auckland. So for now, let’s just say I’m going over for a quick preview of what might be waiting for me in the near future.

I have travelled to Melbourne in the past and experienced first-hand why it is one of the most liveable cities in the world, so going back a second time, I’m excited to experience even more while I continue to pursue my studies.