Korea University, Korea


Hi hi hi,

It’s Evelyn and I’m back for my second semester at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea! For those who are unfamiliar, I am a BA/BSc conjoint in biological sciences and communication. This year is also my fourth and FINAL year of my undergrad AAHHHH!

Last semester was a blast so I’m here to do it all over again. The next four months are going to be filled with more events, travels, and of course, like last semester…food! There were some things I never got to do last semester which means there’s much to look forward to. I’m excited to bring you all along with me in all my adventures for this semester!

Hopefully, I’ll also be able to improve my Korean while I’m here as well as learn more about the country and its culture. Gotta make the most of being around locals.

I hope you guys have a great time following along!