Keio University, Japan


Hello everyone!

My name is Gina, and I’m a returning ambassador in the third year of a Bachelor of
Music and Global Studies degree. I look forward to sharing my experiences and
adventures during my semester abroad at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan!

Studying at Keio is a chance to manifest my dream of studying abroad in the country
where my parents first met, so this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will prove an
unforgettable experience that will help me gain the courage to grow as an individual.

I was born in Aotearoa, New Zealand, to a Chinese father and a Korean mother, and I
grew up speaking five languages. I am also a polyglot pianist who has been playing the
piano since the age of five — I am deeply passionate about playing piano and cultural

Nevertheless, I am beyond excited to make a comeback with the 360 International
team, explore Japan’s vibrant culture, immerse myself in my new exchange student life,
and experience an entirely new way of life in Tokyo.
Do join me for the ride

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