Keio University, Japan


Hi everyone, I’m Joe and I’ll be going for a 360 semester exchange to Keio University in

Tokyo, Japan!! This year I’m in my penultimate year of studying biomedical engineering. I’m

so excited to go because this is an awesome opportunity that goes much further than just

academic learning. As much as I am excited to try the delicious food and go sightseeing, I

look forward to conquering the challenges that will also come. I hope to come back to New

Zealand with a new insight towards aspects of my personal and work life, as well as a new

group of lifelong friends. Outside of study and personal growth, I’m itching to go overseas

for the first time since covid! Since my last overseas trip I’ve bought a digital camera and

started a new hobby in photography, so I’m really excited to take and share my photos with

everyone! Stay tuned!!

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    My first flight abroad in almost three years. Though it wasn’t my first time in Japan, it was my first time staying for an extended period of time. I couldn’t wait to experience what it would be like to live here, as I’d only ever come to visit family and friends before. I came early…Continue Reading Joe: First Impressions