Sungkyunkwan University, Korea


Hi everyone! I’m Lexie, a third-year student studying Accounting/Marketing, and I’m going to finish my undergraduate degree at Sungkyunkwan University!

Not going to lie, I have been looking forward to going to Korea since secondary school, well, the very first wave of K-pop clearly got me. However, I’m not only fascinated by the pop culture there but also the food, the beautiful scenery, and of course the different university vibes, I mean who doesn’t like the annual festivals of these universities?! So don’t worry that all I will post is going to concerts/live houses (but feel free to follow my Instagram if you want to see more of them: lexie_nomilkplz).

As an international student in UoA, I experienced culture shock while also learnt how to introduce different cultures to different people. Therefore, I’m confident that I can quickly adjust myself to another country and share with you guys different insights. I’m so excited to make some awesome content during my stay in not only Seoul but maybe other cities since I’m keen to travel. Oh, by the way, editing video is kind of my hobby so maybe also see you in Reels/TikTok/YouYube??