Korea University, Korea


Kia ora! My name is Min, and I’ll be your digital exchange ambassador, traveling to Korea University in Seoul, South Korea in March 2023! 😊

I am currently studying my penultimate (3rd) year of software engineering.

I moved to New Zealand from Korea when I was young, so I found learning about my own culture and traditions in another country difficult. I hope to use this opportunity to gain insight into daily life in Korea, and I look forward to sharing it with you all!

While overseas, I aim to build friendships that will last beyond my exchange (such as through the KU buddy program for international students) and participate in different social events and annual festivals within Korea University.

Since my last trip, I’ve acquired some digital content creation skills, and I’m really excited to take footage and share it with everyone. I can also provide important information and tips regarding an exchange, from preparation to departure.

If you want to hear more about travelling (perhaps visiting some secret places?), I’ll post some of my adventures on my personal Instagram (@mins_chocolate)!

I can’t wait to share all my adventures and new experiences with you!

  • This stop is JEJU, the last stop of our trip

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  • This stop is Seoul, South Korea

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