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  • Weeks Tres and Cuatro
    On the 24th of Jan we Travelled to our next hotel in Leon. One great thing about this location was that there was a fair less than one kilometre down the road that was on all week. The fair had games, rides, food, bars and even a nightclub. A few days later we had our next business trip, which was to Cuadra. Cuadra was the most interesting company visit we…Continue Reading Weeks Tres and Cuatro
  • Final Week in Monterrey
    After a long eight-hour bus journey from Leon, we finally arrived in Monterrey on Sunday evening. My first thought of Monterrey was that it was a very mountainous place as the city was in the centre of very large mountains, as you will see in the pic below. My first impression of the Tec de Monterrey was great, as it was something I’d never seen before as I’d never seen…Continue Reading Final Week in Monterrey
  • Week 4 – Monterrey
    30/01/2023 – 07/02/2023 Tecnológico de Monterrey has its main/ largest campus located at Monterrey. The unique part of this campus is the biodiversity, where peacocks, deer, ducks, cats, etc., wander around the campus and live in harmony. Monterrey campus We were ‘fortunate’ to experience the four seasons/ extreme climate during our one-week stay at Monterrey. It was pretty hot (~30°C) when we first arrived, but the next day, it suddenly…Continue Reading Week 4 – Monterrey
  • Forever Tec <3
    Our fourth and final week in Mexico kicked off with a 9-hour bus ride from León to Monterrey, in the north of the country. Monterrey is in the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range foothills, and the impressive mountains can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. This is our host uni Tecnológico de Monterrey’s primary (+biggest) campus. In the middle column above is the Monterrey campus’s Hogwarts-inspired library. Deer,…Continue Reading Forever Tec <3
  • el fin
    The multitude of experiences, enjoyment, and excitement this trip provided for me was totally worth the 15-hour flight back home (it wasn’t pleasant). Leon and Monterrey were both crazy in entirely different ways – Leon was more of an exciting, adrenaline-inducing experience with fairs and swimming, while Monterrey was more formal with goodbyes, celebrations, and the final tests and assignments. Goodbyes are definitely never easy, and that was the same…Continue Reading el fin
  • Leon and Monterrey
    These last two weeks of the trip flew by so, so fast. I am so grateful to have been a part of this experience and definitely want to go back to Mexico in the future. It was bittersweet to say goodbye to all of the friends we made over the course of the past month, but I guess, in a sense, now we have people to visit from all over…Continue Reading Leon and Monterrey
  • Embracing the ‘new’
      My time in Mexico is quickly passing by. However, the term ‘new’ still lingers in my mind through every moment of this trip. Prior to this trip, I would not describe myself as a person who openly welcomed the concept of ‘new.’ The word ‘new’ brings with it the idea of unknown territory. Newness is intimidating. Familiarity feels comfortable. I had historically chased down familiarity out of the abject…Continue Reading Embracing the ‘new’
  • Week 3 – Leon
    23/02/2023 – 29/02/2023 Leon is famous for leather goods and footwear. We visited a giant multinational leather company – Cuadra, and its leather goods production. Each pair of shoes was well crafted by multiple workers under an assembly line. I was fascinated by the dazzling and fast pace production process. Cuadra was definitely my favourite company I visited in this programme. After this visit, I became more appreciative of the…Continue Reading Week 3 – Leon
  • Hasta luego
    Saying goodbye is never easy, but sometimes you don’t have a choice. The final week was so busy that I didn’t even have time to write a blog post, so this one will have things from the final two weeks. Just a warning: there will be a lot of food pics in this post because I was loving the kai, and they have a lot of American food retailers here,…Continue Reading Hasta luego
  • Tercera Semana – León
    Week three: León After kicking off the new week in this new city with our lectures, we kicked off in a little football match organised for us on campus. Given that no one realllly played football already, the game was a bit of a mess. We were playing 9ish a side on a very, very small pitch, which meant legs were flying and tangling everywhere. It was such good fun…Continue Reading Tercera Semana – León
  • Semana dos in Querétaro!
    This week in Queretaro felt super fast. On the last day in the Queretaro, it felt like only a couple of days ago, we were visiting Teotihuacan and arriving at the Residences. Teotihuacan was a particular highlight as we learnt a lot about Aztec culture and even did some Aztec dancing too at the restaurant we went to after visiting the site. I was very thankful to be visiting in…Continue Reading Semana dos in Querétaro!
  • Querétaro – Week 2 iWinter in Mexico!
    I can’t believe how fast this week has gone by! This week we have been living at the halls of residence here on Campus Querétaro which they only finished building last November! Which makes us the first proper tenants in this place and it has been awesome! I’ve never had to live in halls of residence since I live at home, but this place is so nice, the rooms aren’t…Continue Reading Querétaro – Week 2 iWinter in Mexico!
  • Week 2 in Querétaro
    Monday 16th After a long day of travelling the day before, it was very hard to get up on a Monday morning, but it was a good day as we were in a new city and had new things to explore, eat and do. The Querétaro campus was very cool and felt like I was an American college campus as the campus was massive. For dinner on Monday night we…Continue Reading Week 2 in Querétaro
  • balloons, hats & pyramids
    On Sunday, we embarked our journey to Queretaro bright and early. After a very hard goodbye to our buffet breakfast and unlimited coffee we were on our way. After about an hour, we reached the Aztec pyramids, I was overjoyed to be greeted by the sights of hot air balloons scattered across the sky. This view felt like a sneak peek of my bucket list experience, hot air balloons in…Continue Reading balloons, hats & pyramids
  • querétaro & queso
    Our journey from Mexico City to Querétaro was a rather arduous one. Although we were only on the bus for a couple of hours, everyone wanted to sleep after the full day that we had but I still had study to do and the blog to write. However, when we got to Queretaro the entire perspective of the journey changed. From the city smog to a breathtaking campus, the energy…Continue Reading querétaro & queso
  • iWinterMX – Week DOS
    Querétaro We arrived in Querétaro at 8pm on Sunday January 15th after bussing from Teotihuacán. In Querétaro, we are staying in student residencies instead of a hotel. The new campus is bigger than the one in Santa Fe, it has a pool, basketball courts and a beach volleyball court. On Monday night some of us visited the Cervecería Hércules restaurant for dinner. The restaurant had an obvious German influence on…Continue Reading iWinterMX – Week DOS
  • Week 2 – Querétaro
    16/01/2023 – 22/01/2023 We arrived at our second destination, Querétaro, a youthful and vibrant student town. We stayed at a newly built university residence hall. What I enjoyed the most about it was the amazing city view of Querétaro and the peaceful campus environment. Chasing the sunset while biking was my favourite thing on Querétaro’s campus. Instead of eating out daily, we brought lots of groceries from nearby Walmart and…Continue Reading Week 2 – Querétaro
  • Moments in Mexico
    The images that make it into our long-term collective memory are few. A few of the images I have captured into my long-term memory are the ones I have lived through this week and am now sharing with whoever may be reading this blog. My favourite writing style is one that captures a moment in time. One that allows the reader to visualise and feel what I felt during certain…Continue Reading Moments in Mexico
  • Week 1 – Part 2
    The second half of the week, we got to hear from the British Chamber of Commerce! We were meant to go visit them, but a certain US President and Canadian Prime Minister were in town for the USMCA talks, and lucky for us, the British Chamber of Commerce is smack bang right next door, and the whole street was cordoned off. Therefore, they came to us. It was very interesting…Continue Reading Week 1 – Part 2
  • ¡Vamos!
    I’m writing this blog as our first week in Mexico draws to a close. To say that it’s been unreal so far would be an understatement. We packed so much into this week (and yet there’s still many more places I want to explore when I come back in the future 😉), so I’m just going to chat about my highlights and some observations. Week one took place in the…Continue Reading ¡Vamos!
  • Learning more than just business
    Our journey began bright and early at 5 am at Auckland airport, starting with a three-hour flight to Sydney, then a thirteen-hour flight to Los Angeles and finally, a three-hour flight to beautiful Mexico. With lost luggage and delays causing missed flights, we were certainly getting to know one another very well! After some long-haul flights and lots of time spent in airports, I was fizzing when we finally touched…Continue Reading Learning more than just business
  • A week in Mexico City 
    Despite a really rough start to my time in Mexico City, I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Mexico, really, as I hadn’t really had any friends or family travel here – all I really knew was that I was excited to try authentic Mexican food. I remember getting up at 4:00am to get to the airport for our very early flight from NZ….Continue Reading A week in Mexico City 
  • iWinterMX – week UNO
    “Me llamo… Jack!” Departure and Arrival The rest of the Kiwis and I left for Sydney from Auckland on January 6th to start our Mexican journey. Little did we know our travel there would be a bit longer than expected. Our first flight was three hours. This was no problem as I have been on similar flights to Aussie before. Our second flight, Sydney to LA, was scheduled for 10.35…Continue Reading iWinterMX – week UNO
  • Week 1 – Ciudad de Mexico
    05/01/2023 – 15/01/2023 It was an uneasy start for our journey to Mexico. After transitioning through multiple places, from Auckland → Sydney → Los Angeles → Mexico City, feeling upside down during three days of “sky life” and experiencing flight delays and baggage problems, etc., we finally arrived in Mexico. For the first week, we stayed at a decent hotel in Santa Fe, Mexico City. It was a super busy…Continue Reading Week 1 – Ciudad de Mexico
    I think I’m gonna write these blogs like a day-to-day in my life of what I did, even if it is short, so let’s get started. Friday 6th January 2023 I think I woke up like 3:30 am NZ time to leave my house in NZ at 4, to get to the airport at around 4:30-5. I was very excited driving to the airport that morning; however, I was running…Continue Reading NUMERO UNO SANTA FE
  • new year, new country
    A foreign country is such an experience, and the travel there was no different. We flew through Sydney and Los Angeles in order to get to sunny Mexico, which took a lot out of us and really brought us closer together as a team – the delays, missing flights and luggage caused us to have to work together in order to get to our destination in one piece. A thirteen-hour…Continue Reading new year, new country
  • Week 1 iWinter Mexico – Tec de Monterrey
    Hola from Mexico! And, of course, to start things off, flying just didn’t go the way we planned. Mechanical issues and delays saw us missing our connecting flight from LAX to Mexico City. But all is well and good and we arrived in the hotel at the lovely hour of 12am in the morning. Let’s put it this way, we all got a great night’s sleep! Saturday saw a free…Continue Reading Week 1 iWinter Mexico – Tec de Monterrey