Adithi Rathnayake

Adithi Rathnayake

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, Global Internship in Mumbai


Kia ora, and Ayubowan! My name is Adithi Rathnayake, and I am New Zealand-born and bred Sri Lankan. Growing up, I noticed the stark difference between the bustling streets of Auckland, where I grew up, and the peaceful green roads of my grandparent’s village in Sri Lanka. Similar to the differences in the streets, I have always wondered about the differences in working in South Asia compared to New Zealand, and I am excited to travel to Mumbai! 

I recently completed my Bachelor of Health Sciences degree at the University of Auckland, which gave me a wealth of opportunities, one of which was to carry out an internship in the health field for three months. This ended up being an eye-opening experience and made me fall in love with being able to get my hands dirty, as it were, and really see first-hand how the gears turn and what the workforce is like. 

I applied for the Mumbai Internship programme with the hopes of exploring the differences in New Zealand and India’s health systems and broadening my horizons on my path to working in Global Health. 

Until we meet again! 😀

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