Anna Prasitdamrong

Anna Prasitdamrong

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, Global Internship in Bangkok


Hello! My name is Anna, and I am entering the fourth year of my Optometry degree at the University of Auckland. 

Born and raised in New Zealand, I am originally from Palmerston North and moved to Auckland to attend University in 2020. I applied for the Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia Programme as I have the desire to learn and grow across industries. Undertaking a global internship is an opportunity to gain transferable skills while being immersed in another culture and environment.

A second-generation Kiwi, I am half Thai and have always harboured an interest in the Thai language and culture. I hope that, by spending two months in Thailand, I will return to NZ with a more developed worldview and a stronger appreciation for the differences and similarities that our two countries share.

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    Well, we’re well into this 8-week adventure, and safe to say, it’s been nothing short of one. I’ve been fortunate to visit a couple of other towns/islands, but the majority of my time has been spent in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. There is truly so much to talk about when it comes to this…Continue…