Annelise Basham

Annelise Basham

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, Reimagining India Study Tour


Kia ora! I’m half Kiwi, half Canadian, born and raised in Tāmaki Makaurau. I am studying a Bachelor of Global Studies at UoA, majoring in Global Environment & Sustainable Development, with French as my Language and Europe as my Area Study. 

I’ve had a passion for travelling and learning about other regions of the world from a young age. Throughout my time at university, I’ve also developed an interest in geopolitics. 

I first became curious about India in intermediate after watching ‘The Rickshaw Run’ by Earthrise on YouTube, and my fascination with India has deepened greatly since then. 

I applied for the IndoGenius Tour because of the diversity of cities and organisations that we will be visiting throughout the program. This tour is an exciting opportunity for me to see in real life how education, business, politics, and culture come together to form modern India and what influences this country has on the global order. 

My major focus is on the relationship between people and their physical environments and how we can shift towards more sustainable futures across the globe. I hope I will learn more on this trip about India’s innovative approaches to sustainable development and how they might be adapted to the New Zealand context.

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