Brandon Jost-Turei

Brandon Jost-Turei

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, Reimagining India Study Tour


Namaste, As-salamu Alaykum, Nihao, Kia Ora, Hello! My name is Brandon, and I am grateful to be undertaking the IndoGenius program that allows me to study, live, and breathe India during the summer. I come from Papakura and am a second-year BCom student majoring in IntBus and Mktg at UoA. 

I applied for the IndoGenius program for a multitude of reasons, but the reason I usually tell people is that I am reaching my Moksha! The most exciting part of my trip is the honesty in it. As opposed to being sheltered and exhibiting specific aspects of India, our group has been reassured that everything will be shown for our own interpretations, the good and the bad. This way, I feel we will get to truly feel India the way the locals do. Knowing what India is like full-fledged can help me comprehend it the most and will let me build genuine connections to the places and people.

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