Cyrus Rudd

Cyrus Rudd

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, Global Internship in Bangkok


Kia ora, everyone!

I’m Cyrus, one of the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Digital Ambassadors blogging to you from Bangkok, Thailand, this year!

I’m a third-year BCom/BSc student majoring in Psychology, Marketing and… another I haven’t decided yet. I also take a certificate of languages in Korean. Although that combo can be painful, I have had some amazing experiences in university, and I can’t wait to make more memories during my global internship in Bangkok.

Being initially from Palmerston North, and going from Auckland, with its population of 1.7 million, to Bangkok, with over 10 million residents, will be an exciting challenge for me. I applied for this programme to gain some marketing and writing experience, mainly in social media marketing and journalism.

Having travelled to Thailand in 2014, I hope to reencounter the culture, nature and people I experienced during my last visit. I’m incredibly excited about all the FOOD, so don’t be surprised if most of my posts are about that.

Most of all, I’m excited for the future in Bangkok (and other cities when I find the chance to get away) and sharing these experiences with you all!

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