Dilpreet Kaur

Dilpreet Kaur

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, Global Internship in Vietnam


Hi there! 

My name is Dilpreet. This will be my first time travelling alone, and I am looking forward to what is in store 🙂

  • The Last Month

    The last month! Things couldn’t have gone by quicker in the last month. The buzzing Saigon traffic became standard, the flashing lights at night were akin to stars in the night sky, and breathtaking skyline views were becoming a norm. I was forgetting New Zealand and becoming familiar with the labyrinth-like layout of Saigon. I…Continue…

  • Work Work Work!

    First day  I stood in the elevator, and silence surrounded me. This was going to be my first job. First time in a corporate setting. Was I overdressed, maybe under? Strings of insecure thoughts circulated in my head. I saw my reflection in the elevator, and I looked foreign to myself. More corporate than I…Continue…

  • Sensational Saigon

    Sensory Overload I can starkly remember the moment I walked out of the airport. It was a sensory overload.  The heat of Vietnam hit me like a concrete wall. I felt like a rotisserie chicken under the heat lamp, and sweat poured from my body like never before. *Honk*  “Water, Madam”  *Honk*  “Sim card”  *Honk* …Continue…