Henry Fitzgerald

Henry Fitzgerald

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, Chinese Language Study Abroad


Kia ora! My name is Henry, and I study Law, Economics and Chinese at the University of Auckland. I was born in Christchurch and grew up in Auckland.

I applied for this programme to improve my grasp of Chinese language and culture and make friends. I am grateful for the opportunity to use the Chinese I have learnt in Auckland and to improve my Chinese in an immersive environment. I plan to practise law in the future, and I believe this programme will help me do so with a more global perspective.

I am looking forward to writing about my experiences and I hope you enjoy reading about them!

  • Taiwan: Week seven

    Monday 23 January–Friday 27 January Fulong Beach I hadn’t seen the ocean since landing in Taipei. My initial desire had been to train to a beach on the east coast with friends in the early hours of the Gregorian new year to see the first sunrise of 2023 emerge from the ocean, the same sun…Continue Reading Taiwan: Week seven

  • Taiwan: Week six

    Monday 16 January–Sunday 22 January The final day of class Monday, 16 January, was my final day of class. I gave a final presentation on some differences between the US and New Zealand before saying 再見 (goodbye) to my teachers 許老師 and 林老師, and my classmates, Noah, Ashleigh, Takahiro, Nicole, Araceli, Daryll, Yung and Asuka for the last time. It was…Continue Reading Taiwan: Week six

  • Taiwan: Week three

    Monday 26 December–Sunday 1 January Visiting a tea house NCKU organised a trip to a picturesque tea house in Anping for us. The owner showed us the traditional method of serving tea to guests. The ritual welcomes a guest to your home and allows each participant to demonstrate their urbanity or lack thereof, as in…Continue Reading Taiwan: Week three