Inverness-Moana Cowles

Inverness-Moana Cowles

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Latin America, Indigenous Rights & Histories in Brazil


Kia Ora koutou ko Inverness tōku ingoa Ko Ngāti Hine, Te Kapotai, Ngāti Kawa, Ngāti Rahiri, Ngāti Hauā ōku hapū. Ko Ngātokimatawhaorua, me Tainui ōku waka. Kei Ōtiria tōku kāinga.

My name is Inverness Cowles. I was born and raised in a financially humble home with my mother and her parents (a modern take on the traditional Maori village environment) in the small rural town of Moerewa. I am the youngest of four, and although my siblings have trades, I am the first to study at university.

I am studying a bachelor’s degree in science with a double major in Anthropology and Geography, and my ambition is to obtain a Master’s in Marine Archaeology.

I applied for this amazing programme to gain experience on how other indigenous cultures utilise their native knowledge to tackle everyday challenges from the effects of colonisation.

I’m looking forward to the cultural experiences, cuisine, and excursions to nurture my capacity for understanding, empathy, inclusion and making new friends.

My discipline focuses on the study of people, and I feel this programme will allow me to expand my mind and better equip me as a global citizen.

No reira, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena tatou katoa.

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