Joape Nagera

Joape Nagera

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Latin America, Indigenous Rights & Histories in Brazil


Ni Sa Bula Vinaka, Kia Ora and warm Pacific greetings! I’m Joape Nagera, and I hail from Mualevu, Vanuabalavu, Lau, from the beautiful Islands of Fiji. I am majoring in Psychology in my second year of a Bachelor of Science degree.

I am grateful to be given the opportunity to embark on the Indigenous Rights and Histories programme in Brazil to create a community network where we exchange, learn and collaborate with each other’s ideas and experiences to improve our communities. 

Aside from trying the much-anticipated selection of food and connecting with everyone, through this immersing cultural experience, I hope to discover a more profound sense of my identity as an indigenous Fijian in the diaspora. 

Further, as a Psychology major, I can’t ignore the work that needs to be done to destigmatise mental health discussions, raise awareness and prevent mental health-related illnesses in our Māori and Pasifika communities and oppressed communities as an extension. Through this programme, I anticipate putting in hard work to create solutions for our people, which shall also empower a sense of identity reclamation.

I am beyond excited to take you through my journey and share my experiences. 

Vinaka Vakalevu,

Joape Nagera

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