Maria O’Connell

Maria O’Connell

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Latin America, Social Realities in Mexico


Hey! My name is Maria, and I am from Beachlands, Auckland. I am currently a student studying at the University of Auckland. I am doing a Bachelor’s in Global Studies, majoring in Human Rights, Politics and Spanish. I also do a conjoint with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology and Criminology. 

I applied for this amazing opportunity as it gives me a chance to see the world in a completely different sphere in terms of economy, society and culture. This programme not only aligns with my chosen degree (Human Rights, Spanish) but career aspirations, in which I want to save victims who have been human trafficked. With Latin America holding high human trafficking rates, it is important for me to understand their lifestyle in order to provide empathy for future clients.

I am looking forward to learning about their indigenous cultural practices and seeing how they perceive the world through a Latin American lens.

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