Meghana Gaddam

Meghana Gaddam

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, Global Internship in Bangkok


Hello and Namascaram! My name is Meghana (pronounced May, like the month, gah (Scrooge style) – nah) 

I am super, super privileged to be a Prime Ministers Scholar in Thailand this summer with the UoA Global Internships programme. I will be working at Mahanakohn Partners Group, which does similar services to PwC and Deloitte back here in Auckland.

I study Economics and Property and am very interested in the intersection of global trade, culture, and policy. This means that I love learning in multicultural environments, and working in one for two months, allows me to dive head-first into the inevitable learning curve I will face. Given the friendliness of the Thai people, the South-East Asian work ethic, and the policy work that Mahanakhon does, I know the assimilation will be incredibly worth it. 

Follow our group on our adventures! Our itinerary currently includes post-work trips to floating markets, school and volunteering visits, weekend getaways to Thailand’s famous tropical islands, and taking advantage of the incredibly affordable and delicious street food 🙂

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