Mei Gillespie

Mei Gillespie

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Latin America, Social Realities in Mexico


Kia Ora! 

I’m Mei, a third-year BAdvSci/BNurs conjoint student! This summer, in January 2023, I’ll be traversing 10,949 km across the globe to study at Universidad Iberoamericana (IBERO) in Mexico City! I’ll be travelling alongside five other incredible individuals on the Prime Minister’s scholarship Latin America (PMSLA) for the Social Realities in Mexico program. This will be my first overseas and living away from home experience. I can’t wait to write about it for those reading and following my journey in México. 

I’m excited (and very nervous) to see what living abroad is like. I am truly honoured and thankful to have a chance to go abroad, especially when it involves learning and enriching my understanding of important social issues and challenges in México. 

Alongside the program, I am most excited to learn about México’s rich history and culture, meet new people and try some spicy tacos! Interestingly enough, I will also be celebrating my 21st birthday in México City, which falls on one of Mexico’s public holidays: Día de la Constitución (Mexican Constitution Day). Will I eat 21 tacos, try 21 new things, or blow out 21 candles on a cake? 

Stick around to find out! 

¡Nos vemos en México!

(See you in México!)