Mikaela Phang

Mikaela Phang

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, Korean Language Study Abroad


Hi! My name is Mikaela. I was born and raised in New Zealand, but my parents are from Singapore, where most of my family lives. At UoA, I am studying a BA in Communication and Japanese and a Diploma in Languages, where my main focus is the Korean language. 

I applied for this PMSA programme because I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and experience living in a foreign country where I didn’t completely understand or speak the language. I have studied Korean at university for two years, but I felt like this opportunity would allow me to improve both my language skills and my general communication ability while trying to navigate this new culture and language. 

I am most excited about gaining a deeper understanding of Korean culture and people, making new friends, and seeing how I grow overall as a person over the next three months. Through this experience, I hope to attain knowledge that I can bring back and share with my community back home and become someone capable of building bonds and increasing understanding between New Zealand and Asia in the future.

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  • Halfway through!

    Time is going super fast.It’s already been a month since Christmas, and there’s only a month left until we leave Korea. We had our Midterm Exams two weeks ago, which took place over two days. The exams included Reading, Listening, Writing, and an individual spoken interview with our teacher, which lasted 10 minutes each! Definitely…Continue Reading Halfway through!