Milica Mihajlovic

Milica Mihajlovic

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, Global Internship in Bangkok


I’m Milica, a Chemical and Materials Engineer who’s passionate about sustainability and the environment. I’m from a Southeastern European country called Serbia and have lived in NZ for ten years. 

I enjoy travelling and experiencing new cultures, which I hope to do during my PMSA programme in Bangkok. I hope to gain good insight into the Thai culture during my time there, learn of their traditions and work ethics, and, at the same time, represent the NZ culture to the best of my ability. I wish to gain connections overseas through which I hope to further develop my professional skills as an engineer.

  • 8 weeks later…

    Whether it was excitement, joy, or homesickness, these 8 weeks in Bangkok had me experiencing every possible emotion all at once. Now, after a long 12-hour flight, I am back in Aotearoa, where I can finally sit down and take the time to reflect on my time in Thailand. The PMSA program was an amazing…Continue Reading 8 weeks later…

  • Thailand’s Northern Capital

    For someone like me who loves the cold weather and comes from a country with fiercely freezing winters, I tend to genuinely enjoy colder weather. Coming to a hot and humid Southeast Asian country such as Thailand, I knew it would take a while for me to ‘warm’ up to the climate. This is why…Continue Reading Thailand’s Northern Capital

  • Let’s Talk to Locals

    Coming to Bangkok on the Prime Minister’s Scholarship, one of the events I was most looking forward to was visiting the local university and interacting with the student community. As representatives of the University of Auckland, we were invited by the Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon (RMUTP) to visit the campus and create valuable…Continue Reading Let’s Talk to Locals