Nicolas Ackland

Nicolas Ackland

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, Reimagining India Study Tour


Kia ora, and namaste! My name is Nic; I am from Auckland and have recently finished studying a BA/BSc and language certificate in Russian at The University of Auckland, majoring in Politics and International Relations, Philosophy, and Psychology.  

I applied for the PMSA Reimagining India study tour because I have been deeply interested in a number of different topics related to India, such as its history and many philosophies (especially Buddhist philosophy).

In relation to my studies, I am interested in the important role that India plays in international politics and the global economy and would like to understand the broad-reaching aspects of the relationship between Aotearoa New Zealand and India and how this can be strengthened.

  • Places of Worship in Delhi

    While we stayed in Delhi, we visited a number of different places of worship and religious significance to a number of the different religions communities of India. Given that in New Zealand, religion is not something that is often talked about, nor an aspect of day to day life that one would often see publicly,…Continue Reading Places of Worship in Delhi

  • Disunity and Unity

    Dharavi – Mumbai The division line could not be any clearer; the smell of incense hit us as if we were crossing a threshold. More obvious signs of Hindu identity became quickly clearer; swastikas and a mandir (temple) all came into view as we turned the corner out of the dark and narrow streets from…Continue Reading Disunity and Unity

  • Unity in Contrasts

    We landed in Chennai after a couple days of flying, all tired but excited for the journey ahead (importantly, not a journey on a plane). We were greeted by a massive Indian flag in front of the airport, flapping lazily in the soupy warm South Indian air – it was our first proper look at…Continue Reading Unity in Contrasts