Nikisha Sharma

Nikisha Sharma

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, Global Internship in Vietnam


Kia Ora, Namaste, Bula Vinaka, my name is Nikisha Sharma. I am a first-generation New Zealand Fijian Indian, born and raised in West Auckland. I am a BCom/LLB student at The University of Auckland. 

I applied for the Global Internship in Vietnam to learn about global fluency and immerse myself in the rich culture and history. Vietnam is known as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. It is a success story I admire as they were once an emerging nation; however, it did not let that hinder its success. 

As a law and entrepreneurship student, going to Ho Chi Minh City (the hub for entrepreneurship and law) is a dream come true. I hope to bring everything I have learnt in Vietnam to New Zealand and use those skills to help many minority communities (such as Pasifika, Māori and Asian communities).

  • Week of Goodbyes

    I feel mixed emotions with there being less than a week left of our internship. I am so happy to go home to my family; however, I don’t want to leave Vietnam because Ho Chi Minh feels like home now. It feels like I will be trading in the family and friends I have made…Continue Reading Week of Goodbyes

  • My genuine internship experience

    I remember first stepping foot into my host company’s home office. I was overcome with all these emotions, excitement, nervousness, and fear of what was to come. However, my host company did everything to make me feel welcome and comfortable. As an emerging start-up company, I got close with all my co-workers. Even though there…Continue Reading My genuine internship experience

  • The opportunity of a lifetime 

    3rd Jan – Stepping into the unknown As I stepped into the Auckland Airport, my nervousness consumed my body. It hit me; this is my first time travelling alone, my first time going to an Asian country, and my first time working in a corporate setting, let alone working in Vietnam. Several thoughts rushed through…Continue Reading The opportunity of a lifetime