Tabarek Al-Jebouri

Tabarek Al-Jebouri

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, Global Internship in Mumbai


Kia Ora! I’m Tabby, and I am in the fourth year of my LLB (Hons)/ Global Studies conjoint, majoring in Global Politics and Human Rights. 

I’m extremely excited to experience life in Mumbai over the next six weeks and hope I can capture some of the feelings and emotions I experience onto this blog! 

I suppose my choice of conjoint is a bit of a giveaway to the fact that I’m quite passionate about human rights, particularly in studying policy work and the factors that influence legislation. I know that whatever work I end up doing will be something that differs from my life in New Zealand, which is great in the sense that I will be learning something new and hopefully applying the lessons to life back here! 

I think diversifying our knowledge is important, but so is expanding our personal interactions with people who aren’t living the same lives as us. In a globalised world, we all need to make a conscious effort to learn about others and their different ways of life. Evidently, I am just genuinely keen to listen, learn and observe the culture and hopefully show my colleagues and friends over there a little bit about what it means to live in Aotearoa. Although I was born here, I am Middle Eastern, so there is that cultural element that I bring with me in all my work, which is also something I am excited to share in India. 

Overall, I cannot wait to share with you all how awesome the experience will be, and I hope my blogging skills do it justice – stay tuned for all the updates!