Tessa Barker

Tessa Barker

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, Chinese Language Study Abroad


My name is Tessa, and I study Law, Communications and Chinese at the University of Auckland. I’m travelling to Taiwan this summer to improve my Chinese and experience somewhere new. I love reading and writing and am already looking forward to recording my travel experiences in this blog!

  • ‘Leuven’ the Dream: a Belgian Blog 🍻

    Kia ora friends, fellow kiwis and future exchange students alike! My name is Tess and I’m writing to you from Leuven, Belgium, where I’m spending a semester exchange to study law (and just be ‘Leuven’ the dream in general 🤪). I’m nearing the end of my second week here, and am rapidly trying to adopt…Continue…

  • Tianxia in Tainan: a Somewhat Detailed Description

    It’s hard to organise the past two weeks into a coherent sequence of events. Blended images come to mind of various things I’ve done and seen, but none appear to be vivid enough to centre my impression of the two weeks. I’d have to look through the photos on my phone to jog my memory,…Continue…

  • Tianxia in Tainan: Lessons in Learning, and Other Adventures

    The cans of coffee from 7/11 taste like sugared water, but I’m still buying them. There’s just something about opening the fridge door and that sweet feeling of selecting something out of ten different options, of carrying a coffee in your hand when you walk to class. It makes the class feel less class-y and…Continue…