Tousse Aherne

Tousse Aherne

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, Global Internship in Mumbai


Kia ora, My name is Tash Aherne, and I am a third-year Medical student at the University of Auckland. I grew up in New Zealand and am excited to share my PMSA journey in Mumbai, India, with you all.

  • Art needs no language…

    In my internship this week, I felt great privilege for the opportunity, confronted by the harsh living conditions of the communities I work, and grateful to the people of Mandala who have opened their lives and hearts to the organisation and me. Working with the Zahra Hasanaat clinic, I was able to help with the…Continue Reading Art needs no language…

  • Where did all the time go?

    It’s the final week, and I feel like I have barely touched the surface of India whilst also having had so many adventures and opportunities that I cannot wait to share with friends, family, and anyone who will listen upon my return to New Zealand. I don’t have any words good enough to express my…Continue Reading Where did all the time go?

  • Disaster, Desserts, and the Desert

    Disaster strikes Man down this week (well, for 3 days)… During my first 4 weeks, I was very fortunate to maintain good health, even when my peers were becoming unwell. However, the start of week 5 was when disaster struck. Tuesday morning started off like any other morning, there was a touch of tummy cramps,…Continue Reading Disaster, Desserts, and the Desert