Waves Harris

Waves Harris

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, Korean Language Study Abroad


Hello, my name is Waves Harris (they/them). I have just completed my BA majoring in Korean and Gender Studies, and am now blessed with the opportunity to study abroad in Korea through the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Award.

I have been interested in Korean since making friends with Korean exchange students at my high school, which eventually led to me deciding to major in Korean at university. I love Korean culture and language and am so grateful to be able to experience it for myself after all these years of hard work.

As a Gender Studies major, I am also very passionate about LGBTQ+ issues and have done lots of research on LGBTQ+ people in Korea – now I am able to see it first-hand as a queer person in Korea. If you are interested in my journey, follow along and read about my experiences in Korea for the first time!

  • Lunar New Year

    Everland Theme Park Since the Lunar New Year was the only holiday we got during our exchange, we decided to make a trip to the Everland Theme Park since it is outside of Seoul. This was an amazing experience; we did not realise there would be so many incredible animals; it was like a whole…Continue Reading Lunar New Year

  • Update

    With the last few weeks being intensely busy, I haven’t been able to update what I have been doing in Korea! So here are some highlights from the last couple of weeks. Concerts I had an amazing opportunity to be able to go to these two concerts in the last month. Hoppipolla has been my…Continue Reading Update

  • WEEK 1

    Through the amazing opportunity offered by the Prime Minister Scholarship Award, I was able to go to South Korea to study for three months, here is how it is going so far! 5th December Our flight was delayed, but we finally arrived in Seoul, South Korea! We collected our belongings and headed to our dorms…Continue Reading WEEK 1