Zara Thomas

Zara Thomas

Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, Chinese Language Study Abroad


My name is Zara, and I am a Law and Global Studies student entering my third year at university in 2023! I major in Global Politics and Human Rights, Chinese and Asian Studies.

I am super excited for the opportunity to study in Taiwan so I can not only improve my Chinese (fingers crossed 😊) but also immerse myself in completely different place and culture.

  • 101 Things to do in Taipei

    Coming to Taipei during Lunar New Year’s is probably the best and worst time to come to Taipei. Because Lunar New Year’s is such a major celebration here, everything is closed! Trying to find a non-fast food meal is like Mission impossible! I also needed to find a suitcase to bring all my favourite snacks…Continue…

  • New Year, new post!

    The final week of our exchange here in Tainan has arrived so quickly. To finish up our last week and a half, we continued our packed schedule. I managed to head to a new night market with my language buddy Ariel and her roommate in an effort to cram in all the foods I had…Continue…

  • A rollercoaster of a week!

    好久不见! I believe Tainan was recently voted the world’s flattest city (by myself). However, this Saturday was full of ups and downs at the Janfusan Fancy world theme park in the Yunlin County area of Taiwan. Whilst a small mission to get onto the packed-full train to Douliu, then a Taxi to the park, before…Continue…