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What’s it like being back home.

Being back home from 2 months in Mexico, to now in New Zealand and heading back into university, has allowed me to decompress and to really think about what the past 2 months has been like for myself and for the way I want to begin to approach life again. I have learnt a lot…Continue Reading What’s it like being back home.

A week off the Grid

Our final week in Mexico, how exciting. A week with a lot of expectations on our behalf, but a week that was definitely something to look forward too. To begin the week we set off, in a van at 7am in the Morning on our way to Cuatzalan. A 5-hour long van ride through Mexico,…Continue Reading A week off the Grid

Final Thoughts and Thanks

After being back in New Zealand for just over a week, I thought I’d share my final thoughts on my amazing month-and-a-half trip to Mexico. As my previous posts have been quite wordy, I am going to aspire to keep this one short! People have been asking me all week about my time away, and…Continue Reading Final Thoughts and Thanks

Adjusting Back To Nueva Zelanda

Today marks a week since I arrived home in New Zealand. Many components of my lifestyle in Mexico were different, and I had to adjust. Adjusting back home made me recognize the differences between Mexico and New Zealand and the changes within myself over my time away. Although I have spoken English my entire life,…Continue Reading Adjusting Back To Nueva Zelanda

A slice of paradise & final reflections

For week six, the last week of our time here in Mexico, we went to Cuetzalan in the small state of Puebla. Our last week in Cuetzalan was incredible, from the people and communities to the beautiful nature. Highlights The journey to Cuetzalan started at 7 am. We left Colmena, our accommodation, whilst the sun…Continue Reading A slice of paradise & final reflections