Exploring Seoul

Since we arrived a week before classes started (13.12.2022), we had free time to explore Seoul.

Here is a small recap of what I did the week before classes started!

  1. Group dinner at Biya: Following our first full day in Seoul (6.12.22), we decided to have a group dinner together, to catch up with everyone. We chose a place nearby our dorms called Biya (an army stew restaurant). What I noticed coming to Seoul is that it is common for restaurants in Seoul to just have one dish on the menu and the option to add other foods to that dish. For example, this army stew place, just sold army stew, with the option to add cheese, two minute noodles etc.
Group dinner at Biya
Dormitory Cafeteria

2. Dormitory Cafeteria: Eating at the dormitory cafeteria is really convenient. Since it is right across from our dorms, I go quite often to this cafeteria. The menu changes everyday and it is cheaper compared to eating out (5,500 for lunch/ dinner and 5,000 for breakfast).

Every meal at the cafeteria comes with rice, some soup and side dishes. While the staple side dishes like salad, cabbage kimchi, radish kimchi and rice never changes, the main dishes and soups change everyday.

3. Exploring neighbourhoods and other districts in Seoul

Myeongdong: Streets and streets of restaurants and shops. As one of Seoul’s most famous shopping districts, it really lived up to its name. There were shops in buildings with seven stories, and each level had a restaurant or a shop. Since there were so many shops on the street, it was easy to forget that there were stores above. At night, street vendors will come out and sell food and clothes.

Gangnam (Starfield Library): What surprised me about this library, which I always saw on Instagram, was that:

  1. It was in a shopping mall (coex mall) and a lot smaller than the pictures made it out to be. 
  2. Despite all the noise, light, and music shows that the library had on, people were studying in the library.

Gangnam (Hangang River): We went to one of the parks along the Hangang river. In total, there are 11 parks along this river. Since we went around sunset (winter season), the park was really cold. We only stayed a while, taking pictures and walking around. Unfortunately, this time we did not ride bicycles by the river. But that will be something we do next time we come back!

Hongdae (Dog Cafe): Hongdae is very similar to Myeongdong. There are so many restaurants and shops. There are so many things to do in Hongdae. The first time I went, I went to a dog cafe with some friends. To enter this dog cafe, I had to pay an entry fee of 9,000 or buy a drink (around 11,000). It was very interesting how the dogs would come up to people and cuddle with them!

That’s all for my recap of my first week in Seoul

Until next time,

Zoe 🙂

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