Through the amazing opportunity offered by the Prime Minister Scholarship Award, I was able to go to South Korea to study for three months, here is how it is going so far!

5th December

Arrival at Incheon Airport

Our flight was delayed, but we finally arrived in Seoul, South Korea! We collected our belongings and headed to our dorms in three vans. We each got our room key cards and found out who our roommates were. Since it was late at night, all we had time for was to settle into the dorms and unpack.

6th December

The next day we woke up to snow outside our windows, so after a quick lunch at the cafeteria, we decided to go out and explore our neighbourhood. This led us to check out Korea University’s campus; it was stunning!

Dinner with the group!

We decided to go out for dinner as a group for our first proper meal in Korea! We had army soup stew, a spicy soup filled with ramen, sausages, cheese and lots of other goodies. The workers at the restaurant were very kind; they even gave us free drinks!

7th December

Next, we decided to conquer public transport and spent the day in Myeongdong! We did some shopping and tried some amazing food at a restaurant for lunch, then street food for dinner!

8th December

The next day, we visited the uni store to check out what they sold.

Next, we headed to the lotte ice skating rink! We skated and shopped in the adjacent mall.

After that, we went out for dinner and finished off the night by going to this lookout spot to see Seoul at night-time.

10th December

Since I spent the 9th resting, on the 10th, we went to Hongdae! We spent the day shopping, browsing the street markets, and watching the busking!

Being here in South Korea is all I imagined it would be, and I am so thankful every day to be here. I can’t wait to show what else I get up to.

Thank you for reading!

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